Website Developement and Open Source Software

This event includes three different categories.

Static website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Usage of CMS (Content Management System) is allowed.
Any software designed by the programmer.

Event Coordinator: Prateek Sanwal
Contact No.: 9997453320


A 'C' Programming event

This event includes two rounds

Round 1 : Pen and Paper Round
• Participants have to solve 45 MCQ’s in 45 minutes.
• Top 3 participants will move on to second level of the final round

Round 2: Final round Level 1 & Level 2:
• Final round comprises of two levels.
• There will be 10 questions each which you have to execute in 40 mins.
• All the program should successfully compile on your machine and output should be generated then only it will be considered as an answer.
• No compiler related error will be acknowledged.

Event Coordinator: Riddhi Narang


LAN Gaming Event

This event includes three different categories.

Counter Strike 1.6 and Dota 2 is played under the head.
Team containing five members participate and fight to prove their superiorty.
Two Pools A and B are made.
Pool A: Teams of our College.(Registration Fee : Rs. 100/-)
Pool B: Teams of other Colleges.
Registration Fee for Individual Game(Counter Strike/Dota 2) :- Rs 400/-(For Other Colleges)

Event Coordinator: Harpreet Singh Bedi
Contact No.: 9917535348


S.S.B. Event

This event continues for 3 days

Day 1: Officers Intelligent Rating Test
Objective paper consisting of 50 verbal & 50 non-verbal questions.

Day 2: Psychological Test & Motivational Session
TAT - Thematic Apperception Test
WAT - Word Association Test
SRT- Situation Reaction Test (question paper based)
Self Description (question paper based)

Day 3: Group Plannning Exercise
Interviews of selected students

Event Coordinator: Yash Tripathi | Aditya Pratap Singh
Contact No.: 9897922100 | 7055093796
Email-id: |


The Robotics Event

This event includes three different categories.

Manual Pick and Place Robot
Build a manual robot capable of picking and placing objects.

Line Follower Robot(LFR)Build an autonomous robot capable of
• Following a track
• Judging sharp edges of track

Event Coordinator: Vaibhav Pant
Contact No.: 8006772248


General Knowledge Quiz Event

Team of two.

First Round :
An MCQ paper of 50 questions.
+3 For correct answer & -1 for wrong answer

Second Round :
Audio-Visual round.

Third Round :
Rapid-fire Buzzer Round.

Event Coordinator: Srishti Chauhan


Business Quiz Event

This event is basically framed to give a buzz to the manager inside each one of us. Here is an opportunity for you to unfold the hidden managers inside yourselves. The event will consist of three rounds.

First Round :
It is a team event of 2 members and is based on business quiz with objective type questions.

Second Round :Selected teams will be divided into 3 groups of 4 members each. Each group has to prepare a ppt on the topics given by us in a given time.

Third Round :
This round is based on case study.

Event Coordinator: Gaurav Nath Goswami
Contact No.: 8650927404


A Business Planning Event

This event includes two rounds :

Round 1: Business planning Round:
Participant has to plan a business plan in a given budget.
Top 3 participants will move on to second level of the final round.

Round 2: Executive Summary Round:
It must consist of :-
• Introduction (Summary)
• Product and/or service
• Future product development and goals for future expansion.
• Market and Marketing Strategy
• Who are your competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
• Operations
• SWOT Analysis
• Financial Analysis

Any other points relative to the plan which may enhance its efficiency may be added but the summary must contain the points mentioned above failing which may lead to disqualification.

Event Coordinator: Rohan Sundariyal | Shrey Taneja
Contact No.: 8755119397 | 7409417992


Model Making Event

Come Up With Your Own Ideas for Working or Non-Working model

First Round :
Abstract submission.

Second Round :
Model Presentation.

Event Coordinator: Shubham Pandey


T.V. Series Quiz Event

This event includes only one round :

Pen & Paper Round :
Participants have to solve 50 MCQ’s in 50 minutes. M.C.Q based on Seven Different TV series.
Participants have to attempt only Five series.

Event Coordinator: Ayush Gupta
Contact No.: 8800741707